Mission Statement:

A student-run platform dismantling orientalist media perspectives. Other Collective highlights the issues, culture and experiences of South Asian, South West Asian and North African communities and their respective diasporas. We seek to reframe distorted portrayals of these communities and reject unrepresentative boxed categories of these identities.

Why “Other”?

Many people’s identity from the aforementioned geographic regions is not represented accurately within the provided options under the “race” category, and thus they would rather check off “Other.”

We are addressing this misrepresentation and identifying as “Other” while simultaneously reclaiming the “othering” that has been done to our communities combating  the continuous clumping of people into categories and blurring of identities.

Why the geographic distinguishing?

We distinguish these places by their geography and not through politicized terms, such as the “Middle East” which is very commonly used by us all, but coined by Western imperialist powers and has now become a polarized buzzword used to demonize the regions and people tied to it.

Why Dis-orientalist? 

While “Orientalism” distorts non-western cultures and depicts “Eastern”(typically of countries across the content of Asia) culture as underdeveloped, exotic and dangerous “Disorientalism” opposes that narrative. it is dismantling the distortion that comes with Western depictions of our culture, our conflicts, and our identities. Other Collective aims to encourage the expression and representation of regional identities by the people of those identities on their own terms.

Platform Goal:

This student-run magazine aims to create a platform for individuals affiliated with the culture and issues surrounding the regions of South Asian, South West Asian and North African. Students will be able to display their stories and discuss topics related to the region. This idea was created as a response to a need to challenge the media’s stereotypical clumping or antagonizing of these cultures as a result of today’s polarized global/political climate. The magazine serves to portray the diversity existing in these regions and highlight their unique voices through a creative and educational platform–especially in a small community like Davis where there is low representation of these communities.


Editor in Chief 

Kimia Akbari

Internal Managing Editor

Niaz Khorrami

Creative Editor 

Kaitlin Dabdoub

Narratives Editor 

Sanskriti Sharma

Arts & Culture Editor 

Talia Basma

Opinion Editor 

Yasmin Torabi

Features Editor 

Saranjit Uppal

News Editor 

Hersheeta Gupta

Copy Editors

Yalda Saii, Nayzak Wali-Ali

Layout Editor 

Tamara Shoubber

Marketing Manager 

Noor Halabi, Sama El-Sherif

Finance Manager

Ahmad Sleiman, Radhika Marwaha