Bookmarked Page: Save Up For This!!!!!! & Dry Skin

Bookmarked page: save up for this!!!!!! By Kiana Borjian Colors like lollipops                   swimming in a plastic bowl                 at Chase Bank – I am salivating                   over these earrings: evil eyes                   threaded atop geometric shapes. My protection                                 will be so public – ancestors swinging                   […]

Same Religion, Different Interpretation

By Taimoor Qureshi My religion gives me guidance and inner peace. Islam has always been a source of wisdom and comfort to rely on regardless of how dire my situation’s circumstances are. However, I frequently find contradictions between how I practice my faith vs. how others practice. While most of my family strictly eats halal […]

Once for Yes, Twice for No

By Teja Dusanapudi The motherland has two tongues: the one we speak and the one we see. There is the language of words, with unique phrases and even more unique vulgarities, versus the language of the body, of perfectly tilted heads nodding back and forth, of mobbed hands grabbing for the check. We, immigrants and […]

Breaking Boundaries: Artists of the Diaspora

By Shayan Kaveh Hours spent on makeup and wardrobe, sweat and anxiety poured into weeks of practice, and the restless nerves before a performance – ManyFacedGodX enters the stage. Dressed in a handmade bodysuit and reality-altering makeup, Dornika Kazerani is no longer themselves. They have manifested a new face for their godly powers to possess. […]

The Complex Construction of Palestinian Identity

By Hla Music strum with the oud, freshly cooked Mansaf and dabka dancing come to mind when picturing Palestine, according to second-generation Palestinian-American college student, Mohammad Jubran. In a perfect world, this image would be the only truth.  With a military occupation of over 50 years, Palestine’s reality is one that weighs heavily on the […]

Finding a Place

By Deepa Singh  “Coolie” in many South Asian languages commonly refers to an individual that carries heavy loads and does unskilled tasks. For Indian laborers working on plantation estates in British colonies circa 1890-1902, this simple word was shaped into a derogatory slur that eventually became a part of their identity. The word “coolie” began […]

Beyond identity boxes and nation-state borders: Kurdish Artists in Diaspora

By Kimia Akbari At an estimated 30 million, the Kurds are among the world’s largest stateless population. They are dispersed across four corners of the modern nation-states of Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), Syria (Western Kurdistan), Iran (Eastern Kurdistan), and Northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan), where the autonomous Kurdistan region is located.  The scattered nature of their community […]

China’s Project of Ethnic Repression Against Uighur Muslims

By Aarya Chidambaram On Nov. 9 2019, Alfred was on a bus to Washington D.C., mindlessly browsing the internet when he saw his name plastered on the Global Times, a Chinese nationalist newspaper. In an official statement by the  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), the Chinese government wrongfully accused him of being a member of […]