The Nature of the Other: “Chain” Migration and Migrant Ecologies

By Teja Dusanapudi A tree does not move. It remains rooted firmly in the ground, fruiting and flowering until storm or fire brings the trunk crashing down to the soil. Human communities, however, are more frequently uprooted. All over the world, SWANASA peoples experience mass displacement as a result of violence, poverty, politics, famine, and […]

“Deconstructing” the Kashmir-problem

By Radhika Marwaha Before her arrest on August 5, 2019, former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti (People’s Democratic Party, or PDP) expressed her concern at the increased deployment of security forces in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Mufti stated, “Such a big country has got frightened [of public expression and protest] … and made Kashmir an open […]

Guava Island Movie Review

By Talia Basma Directed by Hiro Murai Released 2019 Who would have thunk it? Amazon released Guava Island and only had 55 minutes to leave an impact. And the best thing is they accomplished their mission.  The movie is about a man named Deni Maroon and his love interest Kofi Novia. It starts off as […]

Call Me Bobby: The Politics of Naming

By Teja Dusanapudi Smiling, happy, and picturesque, the faces of the Brady Bunch are icons of the 1970s to many, but perhaps to none more so than Piyush Jindal, watching the family participate in zany antics and heartfelt resolutions within an easily digestible 25 minute plot arc.  Piyush’s Parents Amar and Raj Jindal, an engineer […]

South Asian Artists in Hip Hop

By Teja Dusanapudi So says Anik Khan in his breakout song “Big Fax,” lounging on cars and rapping about “mixing up the masla with the militant,” while a woman in a magenta sari tosses a mango and smiles knowingly at the camera. Amassing over a million views, Khan joins a host of prominent South Asians […]