99 Nights in Logar Book Review

By Kiana Borjian “Five is a good number. Five pillars. Five prayers. Five players on a basketball team.” So says Marwand, the protagonist of Jamil Jan Kochai’s 99 Nights In Logar (4). Marwand is visiting family in Afghanistan from the United States, reconnecting with cousins who are much more interested in soccer than basketball, a […]

Diaspouric Tones

By Ariana Boostani BACKGROUND:  The term diaspora is something many of us can connect to or so electronic producer, Diaspoura hopes, having chosen their name to reflect community experiences. Diaspoura grew up in South Carolina and first came to Davis in May 2019 to record with UC Davis radio station KDVS. I was fortunate enough […]

Bookmarked Page: Save Up For This!!!!!! & Dry Skin

Bookmarked page: save up for this!!!!!! By Kiana Borjian Colors like lollipops                   swimming in a plastic bowl                 at Chase Bank – I am salivating                   over these earrings: evil eyes                   threaded atop geometric shapes. My protection                                 will be so public – ancestors swinging                   […]

Breaking Boundaries: Artists of the Diaspora

By Shayan Kaveh Hours spent on makeup and wardrobe, sweat and anxiety poured into weeks of practice, and the restless nerves before a performance – ManyFacedGodX enters the stage. Dressed in a handmade bodysuit and reality-altering makeup, Dornika Kazerani is no longer themselves. They have manifested a new face for their godly powers to possess. […]

Beyond identity boxes and nation-state borders: Kurdish Artists in Diaspora

By Kimia Akbari At an estimated 30 million, the Kurds are among the world’s largest stateless population. They are dispersed across four corners of the modern nation-states of Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), Syria (Western Kurdistan), Iran (Eastern Kurdistan), and Northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan), where the autonomous Kurdistan region is located.  The scattered nature of their community […]

Guava Island Movie Review

By Talia Basma Directed by Hiro Murai Released 2019 Who would have thunk it? Amazon released Guava Island and only had 55 minutes to leave an impact. And the best thing is they accomplished their mission.  The movie is about a man named Deni Maroon and his love interest Kofi Novia. It starts off as […]

Diaspora Dysphoria

By Kimia Akbari I’m floating by in twilight anesthesiaas Disgraceland overtly stares backfrom a distance;watching the jousting matchOf sufi mystics above polluted cloudswith the cypress-figured lady who givesscarlet poppies, I’m enchanted.I envy these midnight archersI have tried their dancebut I don’t seem to awakenbasking in the thirst of hyacinth water,floating by weaklyin this opaque state,in […]