He couldn’t be American, could he?

He looked exactly like me His black hair and pale brown complexion Shone under the hot sun of Rajasthan’s Desert He couldn’t be American, could he? Being born elsewhere didn’t mean much… An ice cream cart pulled over We got two coffee topped chocolate cones No more baking in the Jaipur summer He couldn’t be […]

The Uppal “Jagir Pind”

“The Uppal family estate’s village” Date: 2002 – 2012 Jalandhar district in Punjab, India. Over 21,000 acres of land stretch across the Uppal family’s estate in their village near the city of Nurmahal, northern India. Harvesting and sowing rice, wheat, corn, sugarcane, lentils and sunflowers since the 1920s. The Uppal family have lived in their […]

Rosie the Mulatto & Other Poems

Excerpts from “Being” a self-published Poetry book by Talia Basma. Talia released her first collection of poetry as a chronology of her teen life. “Being” offers readers insight on the life of being a Muslim American teen through poetry about the internal, as well as external, struggle and beauty of life.   Rosie the Mulatto Rosie […]

My Father Does Not Speak American.

My father does not speak American. His mother tongue is Punjabi, the five rivers, where there is life and growth and a place where his history belongs and is cherished and refuses to die – My father does not speak American. He is from water and earth and the harvest, he uses his hands to […]

Dear Palestine

In the year 2014, a 15-year-old refugee girl was so excited to finally be able to go and see her hometown. She had never stepped into her country before, and couldn’t wait to discover her ancestors’ way of life. But as her summer vacation flew by, breaking news had erupted her dreams, and shattered any […]