South Asian Artists in Hip Hop

By Teja Dusanapudi So says Anik Khan in his breakout song “Big Fax,” lounging on cars and rapping about “mixing up the masla with the militant,” while a woman in a magenta sari tosses a mango and smiles knowingly at the camera. Amassing over a million views, Khan joins a host of prominent South Asians […]

“Every War Should Be Endless” – Reese Erlich on US-Iran Relations

By Teja Dusanapudi “What if Iran had murdered Jamal Khashoggi?” posed journalist Reese Erlich, an arresting statement that prefaced the remainder of his discussion on the political relationship between history between the United States and Iran. Erlich, who regularly reports for National Public Radio and ABC Australia, presented his latest book, The Iran Agenda Today, […]

South Indian Snacks to Cure your Winter Quarter Blues

By Aarya Chidambaram Easily one of the worst parts of attending college some five hundred miles away from home is the fact that I cannot enjoy my mother’s South Indian home-cooked meals at my sudden desire anymore. Foods which remind me of home remain my most tried and true cures for homesickness; however, I am […]

Rohingya Refugees: Personal Stories of Fleeing Persecution

“I remember my husband staring at me as the Myanmar Soldier put the gun towards his head and pulled the trigger,” recalled Mumtaz, a Rohingya refugee currently living in a settlement camp in Bangladesh with her only living child. In August of 2018, Myanmar soldiers killed her husband and sons in front of her before […]

Our Namesake: How Edward Said Empowers Us to Reclaim “Other”

 “Other,” a quite ordinary word, means something completely different to those who identify with the regions represented by Other Collective, including West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and their diaspora communities.  To these peoples, “Other” is reminiscent of forces that box in our identities. One literal example is how certain demographic surveys have […]

The World Refugee Crisis: The West Fails to Take Accountability

Today’s refugee crisis is the worst the world has ever seen. Nearly twice as many individuals are displaced as opposed to 20 years ago.  The largest refugee populations stem from Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan. As of 2016, 51% of all global refugees were children. However, current refugee crises are not limited only to Gulf […]

Advancing Science in Africa

Africa, home to the world’s oldest human fossils, now accounts for less than one percent of the globe’s scientific research between 2003 and 2013, as per a report by the World Bank and Elsevier. Africa produces only 1.1% of global scientific knowledge according to the World Economic Forum. Science is particularly important when it comes […]