Cowtown or Browntown

By Sona Bhargava Without all my brown friends at college, one might mistake me for a human hermit. Almost every organization or club I’ve joined, and almost every friend I’ve made shares my cultural ties (cough, cough Other Collective). This is interesting, considering my culture did not influence my upbringing in the same manner that […]

Same Religion, Different Interpretation

By Taimoor Qureshi My religion gives me guidance and inner peace. Islam has always been a source of wisdom and comfort to rely on regardless of how dire my situation’s circumstances are. However, I frequently find contradictions between how I practice my faith vs. how others practice. While most of my family strictly eats halal […]

China’s Project of Ethnic Repression Against Uighur Muslims

By Aarya Chidambaram On Nov. 9 2019, Alfred was on a bus to Washington D.C., mindlessly browsing the internet when he saw his name plastered on the Global Times, a Chinese nationalist newspaper. In an official statement by the  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), the Chinese government wrongfully accused him of being a member of […]

Miram Madrese

By Kiana Borjian first day of “Women in Islamicate Societies:” Why are you taking this class? I begin swirling like the dervishes my mother is named for: Sufi plus an “e” I am jealous of her name – the way it suits her worried eyes, sacred face. What she knows about Islam: not being able […]

Dry Mango

I sat in our study lounge for the fourth consecutive hour, when my phone flashed with a message from my mom. As usual, she was sending me mouth-watering pictures of Indian delicacies for the festival season – sweets and savory items alike. I missed home so so much as I chewed on a sandwich that […]

Why English?

Summer 2018 was a blast indeed. I left Davis as soon as Finals got over and came back to Eid festivities and holidays at Dubai. I had missed my family, the weather, the culture and the feeling of togetherness that exists amongst the people who reside in the United Arab Emirates from every nook and […]