Dear Palestine

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In the year 2014, a 15-year-old refugee girl was so excited to finally be able to go and see her hometown. She had never stepped into her country before, and couldn’t wait to discover her ancestors’ way of life. But as her summer vacation flew by, breaking news had erupted her dreams, and shattered any hope she had of going that year. The 2014 Israel – Gaza conflict was one of the biggest terrors yet. Israel killed more Palestinian civilians in 2014 than in any other year since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. And so this devastated girl decided to write a poem and dedicate it to her people.


Dear Palestine,

Through my eyes I see,
All the horror in front of me.
The sky above a charcoal-grey,
All the smells of body decay.

Under me rush rivers of crimson lake,
All the land begins to shake.
The scorching flames slip and slide,
All my brothers and sisters died.

No heart, no care, no generosity,
All I see is their atrocity.
Bullet after bullet just past my head,
All the children dead, dead, dead!

There is no hope, no life, no light,
All the blood is blinding my sight.
The flooding waterfall of tears,
Can never drown all of our fears.

Forever engraved in my brain,
All the shouts and cries of pain.
People think we’ve become insane;
No! We are real and will always remain.

We are real, we won’t surrender,
We are real, don’t be a pretender.
We won’t be ignored for we will fight,
For our freedom, for our right.

For no child’s eye will forget.
We will not die anytime yet.
Hand in hand we will stand,
To fight for our home, for our land.

You see, our child with his rock and life,
Will defeat their soldier with his gun and knife.
Our child will become a man,
Achieving victory on what they began.

And when that happens you’ll hear our cheers,
You’ll hear our eyes as they bleed happy tears.
These tears of joy will wash away all our sorrow,
And bring life back to tomorrow.

Peace will come flying in so fast,
We will become reunited at last.
Trees will burst from beneath the ground,
Birds will sing and fly all around.

Light will shine through the pitch black,
For life has been brought back.
Everyone will be safe and sound,
In our homes and on our ground.

By: Sama El-sherif