Mission Statement

Other Collective is a student-run online and print media platform dedicated to covering the issues and culture of South Asian, Southwest Asian, North African (“SWANASA”) communities (including Indo-Carribean/Fijian/etc.) and combating biased orientalist media coverage, distorted representation, and narratives of these communities.

Why the geographic distinguishing?

We seek to reframe and de-colonize portrayals of our communities and reject misrepresentative boxed 
categories of our identities.

Many people’s identity from the aforementioned geographic regions is not represented accurately within the provided options under the “race” category, and thus they would rather check off “Other.”

Why De-Colonizing?

Years of colonization have distorted aspects of Southwest Asian, South Asian, and North African communities as compared to those of the West. Western media tends to portray “Eastern” culture as exotic, backward, uncivilized, and dangerous. 

“De-colonizing” is the opposition to that; it is dismantling the distortion that comes with Western depictions of our culture, our conflicts, and our identities. We aim to encourage the expression and representation of regional identities by the people of those identities on their own terms.