Dadi Haldi’s Long Journey

A hand grabs a pinch of turmeric and sprinkles the aromatic yellow powder into a dish. The young lady leaves

The Mountain Rumbled

“I wrote this poem shortly after the tragedy at the port of Beirut. Among the images of the aftermath, I

The Diaspora Fruit

Somehow pomegranates became the Iranian “diaspora fruit.” By diaspora fruit, I mean the way a certain fruit can become a

Cowtown or Browntown

By Sona Bhargava Without all my brown friends at college, one might mistake me for a human hermit. Almost every

Miram Madrese

By Kiana Borjian first day of “Women in Islamicate Societies:” Why are you taking this class? I begin swirling like

Dry Mango

I sat in our study lounge for the fourth consecutive hour, when my phone flashed with a message from my