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Submit Guest pieces here!

Guest Submissions

Have a great idea for an article and want to share it?

Submit your piece below and we’ll get to back to you.

Before submitting a guest piece please refer to the submission guidelines. We will not be accepting a piece that does not adhere to Other Collective’s bylaws and does not stick to the guidelines. If you are submitting more than one piece you must fill out a new form for each piece.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Make sure your piece is accompanied by a 1) a title, 2) a short description of what the piece is about
  • Please provide a short bio of yourself to accompany your piece
  • If you are submitting a written piece, please provide a visual attachment to accompany it. If the visual attachment is not an original, you must provide the source
  • If you are submitting your art/visual work please make sure the uploaded files are high resolution
  • Please provide a short excerpt or quote that will accompany your piece on social media
  • Make sure your files are submitted in a Google drive format (Google doc, sheets, photo, etc.)